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Learn About Puppy Flights

goldendoodle on an airplane

While we love to welcome new customers to our acreage in rural Itasca, TX, it’s not always practical.

If you live hundreds or thousands of miles away, you may need your puppy to come to you.

To accommodate our customers from other states, we’ve decided to make puppy flights an option.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose the perfect puppy

  2. You fill out our application online

  3. You purchase the puppy

  4. We send the puppy to you on American PetEmbark

  5. You track your puppy’s flight progress online with your Air Waybill Number

  6. You pick up your new puppy at your airport!

How Much Does It Cost?

Normally we charge $600 to send your puppy to you. That includes the puppy’s air fare, as well as the leg work involved on our end to get your puppy safely on its flight.

Where All Do You Ship?

We send puppies anywhere in the continental United States, provided we feel comfortable that the puppy is going to a loving home.

How Soon Can I Get My Puppy?

Normally we can get your puppy to you within a week, provided the puppy is at least eight weeks old.

For some states we also offer ground transport. Have more questions about our puppy flights or ground transport? Just reply to this email or send us a text at (682) 706-1907.

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