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Get to Know Us


How We Started

We are Cephas and Ruth Kropf, and along with our beautiful family, live on 11 acres of countryside near Itasca, Texas.


We began raising family pets in 2011, first as Northland Kennels from Wisconsin, and now as Southland Puppies in north-central Texas!


We fell in love with the popular Golden Retriever breed, not only because of their graceful appearance and high intelligence, but their family-centric personalities.


(and other designer breeds)

However, because of the demand for more hypo-allergenic pets, we've combined the best of both worlds, with "designer breeds".


These breeds are created by crossing the equally popular Poodle, a breed known for its non-shedding curly coat, with our beloved dogs to produce our highly sought-after Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles.

More recently we began offering Aussiedoodles and Cavapoos as well!

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Photos from our customers

Our Passion

Family has always been one of our big values.

We want to provide our customers with wonderful puppies that will become a deeply loved part of their family.

In order to do that, we have high standards for how we raise our puppies, and the types of customers we serve.

High Standards

Raising puppies in a safe environment where their needs are met is an absolute must.

We are a state inspected breeder with an excellent reputation.


We partner with other breeders who hold to our ethical breeding standards, so you can rest assured your puppy is happy and healthy.


Thank You

Welcoming a new puppy into your family is a exciting! 


We're here to answer all your questions and help you find your perfect puppy!

Thank you for considering Southland!

Cephas & Ruth Kropf

Find Your Puppy

Delivery to Your Home

While we'd love for you come to our place, we know that may not be possible for everyone. If needed, we can bring your new puppy to your home.

Delivery fees apply. 

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