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6 Cute Puppy Tricks

Goldendoodles are intelligent dogs with a very teachable temperament–perfect for teaching some cute tricks!

Training your puppy not only helps strengthen the bond between you two, but it can also be an incredibly enjoyable experience. Here are a few of the cutest tricks you can teach your new furry friend:

High-Five 🖐

Teach your puppy to give you a high-five by holding a treat in your hand and encouraging them to touch it with their paw. Reward them with praise and a treat when they do it right. It's a heart-melting way to celebrate small victories together.

Spin 🌀

Teaching your puppy to spin in a circle is an adorable trick that's sure to make everyone smile. Hold a treat near your puppy's nose and guide them in a circular motion, praising and rewarding them when they complete the spin.

Take a Bow 🎩

Show off your puppy's manners by teaching them to take a bow. Lure your puppy into a play bow position by holding a treat near their nose and moving it down towards the ground. Reward them when they hold the position for a few seconds.

Peekaboo 🙈

Teach your puppy to play peekaboo by hiding behind an object, like a couch or a door, and then popping out and saying, "peekaboo!" Encourage your puppy to engage by offering them a treat when they come to find you.

Roll Over 🐕

This classic trick is always a crowd-pleaser. To teach your puppy to roll over, have them lie down first. Then, hold a treat near their nose and guide them to roll onto their back and over to the other side. Praise and reward them for their effort.

Cuddle Command 🤗

Nothing is cuter than a puppy who knows when to cuddle. Teach your puppy the "cuddle" command by associating the word with the action of snuggling up to you. Reward them with lots of love and praise when they respond to the command.

These are just a few examples of the adorable tricks you can teach your new puppy. Training sessions should always be fun, positive, and filled with praise to create a strong bond between you and your furry companion. If you have any questions or need additional guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Happy training!

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